A Hands-On and Focused Approach

Emi and I, along with our vineyard dogs, have owned our property since late 2001. We do most of the vineyard work ourselves, with the exception of harvest.

Emi was born and raised in Oregon. She is a graduate of Linfield University and works full-time in Project Management.  I am semi-retired now, having worked in the communications industry for almost 30 years.

I was born in the South and lived in Georgia until I graduated from the University of Georgia. After gaining my degree, I moved to California for a few years, lived in Washington State, and finally ended up in beautiful Oregon.

Together, Emi and I live and breathe through our labor of love in the vineyard. We prefer to keep our business small and concentrate on quality, rather than quantity. We feel that our attention is best spent on smaller lots of grapes and wine and we maintain our vineyard as the sole source of our fruit.

 Tony Giovingo of Giovingo Vineyards